Friday, November 19, 2010

The valley

There lies a valley so deep.
full of emotions it greets.
it's river weep wine,it's beauty is totally divine.
its trees speak of wisdom,
the creatures breed in freedom.
better than heaven this valley seems but to enlightened it is.
harmony dwells in it's heart,peace in all it's part.
between mist this valley is,hiding from humans it is.

Human Nature.

the sun is dying and so are we.
but still we don't care,do we?

the power is in our hand to turn the odds.
to help our earth last long enough.

but we are selfish,so very corrupt,
we starve the poor but don't curb our thirst.

We're lovable on face,but cruel behind the back.
Killing each other is how we act.

We got the solutions but are lazy to act.
The whole world suffers from one's act.

the nature calls,the future beckons,
but we are busy...fucking sluts.

All we do is criticize and blame,
never accept our fault followed by shame.

I stand different from you all
I'm a human too but my nature puts me above you all.

I respect all humans,children and elderly,have no enemy and love all.

i work for earth and don't wanna remain "I"
i hope you'll get this message so "I" changes to "WE" forever in time.!!