Monday, May 30, 2011


You can listen to me when I don't say a word,
You hear my heart-beat amidst this crowded world.
You delimit my actions;right or wrong,
You're there with me forever long.

You are my word when I fall numb,
You are the answer to my silence.

But for the time we were apart,
I could sense your feelings so hard,
You wandered on my empty mind,
Like a ghost daunting it
all the time.But for then...

I was your word when you fell numb,
I was the answer to your silence.

Now it's all even.The grounds are fair.
It's time to break this silence before the end.

But here we stand so very swanned.
I don't think we'll ever find an answer to this

You're my word wen I fall numb,
You're the answer to my silence!


Staring into the moonlight,
gazing at the stars,
I scream out to this world so grey,
"will there ever be light that will last till the next dawn
and there would be no darkness at all."

Then I answer myself;No,Never,Not at all.
If we had light forever long,we would be God.
God wouldn't want that at all.
What would be the difference in both of us after all.
Light would be deluge our thinking and
leave us falling apart.