Monday, May 30, 2011


You can listen to me when I don't say a word,
You hear my heart-beat amidst this crowded world.
You delimit my actions;right or wrong,
You're there with me forever long.

You are my word when I fall numb,
You are the answer to my silence.

But for the time we were apart,
I could sense your feelings so hard,
You wandered on my empty mind,
Like a ghost daunting it
all the time.But for then...

I was your word when you fell numb,
I was the answer to your silence.

Now it's all even.The grounds are fair.
It's time to break this silence before the end.

But here we stand so very swanned.
I don't think we'll ever find an answer to this

You're my word wen I fall numb,
You're the answer to my silence!

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