Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mellow Rebel

When he was sullen down with grief,
he couldn't find any relief.
For all that existed was all that wasn't needed.
Escalation of the inner-being was the need of the hour
but it was lost somewhere like the beauty of the red flower.

He searched around in all the possible places he could,
but this vicious world had hid it in the depths of the barbarous hood.
With some gas and wood,he left in a feud
with his loved-ones and those good

Down the road while walking he encountered souls,
who like him had astrayed and were heading to accomplish some goals.

The further he went,the more souls he met,
after a few days,he met an unsettled set.
Who were heading to the hood
 in search of food.

Upon reaching their destination,
they discovered that their want was nowhere to be found.
They were weak from their tenacious journey
and were to weak for the tourney.

He took out a match and set the wood on fire,
set it out at the masses and then perspired.

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