Friday, July 27, 2012

Been Long

(a small Preface to the poem)
[This is a poem for all the things that do not go hand-in-hand.    BUT
 Imagine, a time when such things were inseparable and like two lovers were passionate towards each other but as time passed and the surroundings changed, so did these things.To survive & adapt they altered to come to a point where they stand today(somewhat like our evolution process). Don't know when it began or when it will end regardless.....Its 'Been Long'.]

Long since we took the first step,
Long before we first wept,
There was us in another form -
long before we were born.

And for every time the sun-set;
The winds soared from the west.
The light shied away from the dark,
long before your smile was found.

And back when it used to rain;
the thunder & lightening would dance in pain.
Now, they no more do the same;
they once again long for your name.

Long before the concrete lay;
at the crossroads we astray,
Like right and wrong we moved away,
to welcome the world we lost our way.

P.S: Now that you've read this, You know that the preface is just one outlook provided to interpret the poem. In the end, It is what you make out of it & how you cherish it!

Thank You.

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