Thursday, September 22, 2011


Writing this down after a long contemplation.

What still seems a confusion to me after 18years on this planet is that how and why people lead their lives they way they do.

Some live for themselves.

Some live for others.

Some just live without any motive at all and fade away like the seasons and the ashes whom no one remembers.

Some live by the guidelines laid down by the various religious manuscripts while other discard them.

Rationalists believe in the big bang whereas the religious fanatics still hold god responsible for all creation,the ones in-between them(THE AGNOSTICS) have a very ambiguous choice and say that ENERGY is responsible for all there is and all that will be.

Still,there are a few who crack their brain for their time on Earth and come up with variant conclusions pertaining to our purpose in live and the theory behind our creation.

Some follow them some still uphold the above mentioned beliefs.

What is,actually, the purpose of life?
Is it to do what's laid down in scripts,to live meaninglessly without dreams or to strive for the truth.

We all have to make a choice in the end.

The more clinical your thinking becomes,
the more closer you reach to the edge
and more alive your senses become.

as we grow up,like the two basic emotions
we stray away from basics to complex derivatives which in-turn make things more
complicated to understand.

"Simplicity was lost as a few intelligent men couldn't help the foolish masses realize that what they desired would be the cause of their peril."

Stop thinking for a moment,none of this will make sense and it wasn't intended to make you work your brain.

This is an ambigious thought that has always been on my mind and i think if  I'm the only one!

My words and my language may not be clear or proper,but I see,this message just got delivered!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Mellow Rebel

When he was sullen down with grief,
he couldn't find any relief.
For all that existed was all that wasn't needed.
Escalation of the inner-being was the need of the hour
but it was lost somewhere like the beauty of the red flower.

He searched around in all the possible places he could,
but this vicious world had hid it in the depths of the barbarous hood.
With some gas and wood,he left in a feud
with his loved-ones and those good

Down the road while walking he encountered souls,
who like him had astrayed and were heading to accomplish some goals.

The further he went,the more souls he met,
after a few days,he met an unsettled set.
Who were heading to the hood
 in search of food.

Upon reaching their destination,
they discovered that their want was nowhere to be found.
They were weak from their tenacious journey
and were to weak for the tourney.

He took out a match and set the wood on fire,
set it out at the masses and then perspired.


See out of this wretched room you live in.
There's more to life than all of this.
Take a small step forward,
each step completing a move.
Have a look at what the world has in store for you.
Go out and seize it.
Cause in the end,
It's all yours for the taking.